Beautiful Hairstyles For Women Aged 50 And Up (Continuation)

Beautiful Hairstyles For Women Aged 50 And Up (Continuation)

Who says older and more mature women cannot rock on a long and natural hair? Going long and natural is suited for the ladies whose hair is still strong and thick. You do not have to cut it if you do not have other reasons. Keep this hairstyle on fleek through a deep conditioning treatment.

  • Short and full of volume

Try to imagine a man’s haircut that is customized to fit the face and liking of a woman. It has shorter lengths on the side but a longer length on the top. Going short and full of volume has been the craze of most senior women nowadays.

Another way to make your hair full of volume is to do these simple tips:

  • Keep your hair short
  • Comb your hair straight back
  • Maintain it using a spray

You can have your hair swept at the back so that it will not cover your beautiful face. Aside from giving your hair volume, it can also make you seem taller. It is kind of a win-win type of scenario.

In order to keep this look, there are other women who prefer to get a body perm. But of course, a hair spray will always do the trick.

  • Short layers
    Do you want a hairstyle that is low on maintenance but full of volume at the same time? You can try wearing short layers. Keeping your hair short keeps you from various and time-consuming treatments.
    However, if you do decide to wear your hair short and with layers, you can hide the fact that your hair is thinning with age. This hairstyle can put emphasis on your positive looks and hide your negative sides. Plus, do you not want to look fierce and stylish at the same time?
  • Smooth, short, and straight
    No hairstyle says “I am a strong, independent and mature woman” than a smooth, short, and straight hairstyle. It is low maintenance for you can simply wash them and go on with your daily activities.
    This hairstyle is extremely suitable for the ladies who want to keep an active lifestyle. You do not have to worry about hair getting stuck on your comb or practically in everywhere you go. It can even make you a better and more efficient working class woman. Heck, you can even be an ideal spy if you keep your hair this way.
  • Straightforward bangs
    For those women who have medium or long hair, you can flaunt straight bangs that run eyebrow to eyebrow. It will seem as if it is the Golden Gate Bridge of both your beautiful brows. This look will not only make you appear younger but will also make you bolder and fresher!
    In order to pull this hairstyle off, the secret is to keep your hair smooth and straight. By doing so, your bangs will go well with the whole look. You can invest on conditioners or simply brush your hair for it to keep up with the style.
  • Your own style
    It does not matter what your age is or what your physical appearance says about you. You do you. Do not limit yourself from possibilities. If you want to dye your hair, then by all means, do it. If you want to keep it short or long as possible, no one should stop you.
    Your hair should define you and give people the idea of what kind of person you are. Wearing your hair should be an art. It should help you express yourself even more. There is no generic “for older women” type of hair. You rock whatever hairstyle you want.

No matter what hairstyle you want to wear, Pioneer Trace Healthcare & Rehabilitation, provider of Rehabilitation Services in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, will support you all the way.
And remember, in choosing a hairstyle; do not let society dictate you. Make your hairstyle something personal, something that will make you proud of yourself.
Show love not only to your significant other but also to yourself. You deserve to be pampered here in our Full Service Beauty and Barber Shop. Get all the pampering you are worthy of.


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