Beautiful Hairstyles for Women Aged 50 and Up

Beautiful Hairstyles for Women Aged 50 and Up Portrait of a loving senior couple holding a flower at home

Painful back, limited mobility, and aching joints; many inconveniences trouble most of our older adults, and that is not just limited to that.

One thing that scares us about growing old is not just limited to the wrinkles we will get on our skin and the discomforts that will eventually catch up on us. Another problem mature women, even men, fear is the sudden change of hair texture and color.

Our hair is our crowning glory, most especially to the women out there. But age destroys this crown as soon as we hit the middle of our lifetime. Now that we are 50 years old and above, we no longer appreciate having the hairstyles we once wore 10 to 40 years ago.

But nobody says we cannot remain beautiful and ravish a sexy and young-looking hair. Among the many Rehabilitation Services in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, we offer Pioneer Trace Healthcare & Rehabilitation pampers through our Full Service Beauty and Barber Shop.

Having a new hairstyle is exciting. But wait, given this opportunity once you are in our facility, what hairstyle would you like to wear? Gentlemen, let us first give the floor to the ladies as we share beautiful hairstyle ideas for mature women aging 50 years and above:

  • Bobby cut

    Bobby cuts are always cute on the eyes of other people, including you. You do not have to worry if your face is round, oval, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, etc. It “flatters” almost all face shapes.

    To maintain this style, apply conditioner on the tip of your hair. This should prevent those unwanted fly-aways from ruining your day. You can go for a mid-length bob cut. It makes you youthful and approachable at the same time.

  • Gentle ocean waves

    The ocean can both be gentle and strong at the same time. This is the irony of things. It reminds us of how the explorer Ferdinand Magellan named the source of the typhoons in the east “the peaceful ocean”, hence the name Pacific Ocean. Why not be an ocean and flaunt this look through your hairstyle?

    If you want to go for a romantic look, try wearing a soft and gentle wave. It can make you look more feminine. We encourage women who adorn curly hair to try this style. But do not fret. Women who have natural, straight hair, can still have gentle curls. Using curling iron, curlers, or hot rollers will do the trick.

  • Modern spiky boy’s hairstyle

    Have you ever seen a young lad and thought that his spiky hair is ridiculous? It may look bizarre to you but you can try the hairstyle for once.

    In order to keep the spike, you can use gel or pomade for the style to last the whole day. And you thought that only the gents wear gel? Think again. Not only will you look good, you will also look refreshing and outgoing. No one will ever dismiss you as an “old” woman.

  • Perm short hairstyles

    Another way to look flattering and fabulous is to perm your hair. Just imagine having a gentle ocean wave that is easy to manage and maintain. There are two main reasons why you should try this look:

    1. It keeps the hair off of your face
    2. It gives your hair more shape and volume

    Maintaining this hairstyle is not as complicated as you think. It may look and seem impossible at first, but you will be surprised how easy it can be. We just encourage you to get a perm once in every 3-4 months. This will help you keep your beloved hair in shape.

  • Pocahontas hair

    Among all Disney princesses, we probably adore the hair of Pocahontas the most, with the exception of Rapunzel’s hair, of course. Everyone wants to have magical hair, provided that the locks do not get all tangled up! See what we did there?


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