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3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Speech Language Pathologist

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Speech Language Pathologist

As a parent, you are gifted with the instinct to know that something may not be “right” in the way your kids communicate. It could be that they are unable to utter intelligible words when kids their age have already mastered speaking 5 words. Your child may have a complex issue such as hearing impairment, motor-speech disorder, or other developmental delays that affect the way they communicate to others. Although you worry so much about this matter, but worrying won’t help. The best course of action that you can do is to immediately seek consultation instead. Seek help from a speech-language pathologist, so your kids could be aided in improving the way they communicate with the people around them. Take a look at these different benefits that speech pathologist of Pioneer Trace Healthcare & Rehabilitation can bring to your kids:

  • Helps Your Kids Make Intelligible Speech

    Your kids must be taught how to articulate certain sounds in order to make their speech intelligible. Remember that articulation is the process of using the physical ability to move the lips, jaw, tongue, and even the palate in order to produce a sound. This is where speech pathologist comes into picture wherein, they will assist your child to utter phonemes (speech sounds) in a clearer manner. Take articulating the letter b for instance, the speech pathologist will train your child to inhale and then tense the lips while exhaling, in order to effectively say the letter. It may be hard to do, but the guidance of the pathologist and of Rehabilitation Services in Flemingsburg, Kentucky will help your child master what is being taught, so they can improve their communication skills.

  • Assistance in the Development of Augmentative and Alternative Communication

    Augmentative and alternative communications are forms of communications that are used to express ideas and thoughts without the use of oral speech. Your child will be taught to augment the way they communicate with the people around them through facial expressions, use of symbols, and gestures. There are actually parents who have children with severe speech delay, and it is impractical for these kids to make use of the traditional speech when communicating to others. This is where augmentative and alternative communication becomes essential to them.

  • Improves Speech Fluency

    Most children are affected with disfluency in speech or commonly known as stuttering. Kids who frequently stutter are seen to have frequent breaks in the flow of their speech. Although disfluency can be normal at times, but having too many of it affects the ability to communicate and it has to be solved immediately so that the kid will not get used to it. Through the services of a pathologist, your child can be taught with different strategies in controlling his/her behaviors which affects your child’s capacity to speak. Through these techniques, it will help increase the fluency, as well as the intelligibility of the words being uttered.

You and the pathologist can make an amazing team, so that your child can easily learn techniques and strategies to help overcome his or her speech difficulties. The assistance that the speech and language pathologist gave you, allows you to understand the difficulties that your child is facing in terms of his or her ability to communicate. The assistance from the pathologist empowers you to make an immediate difference in managing your child’s speech difficulties because you are always by his or her side.

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