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3 Proven Ways to help Seniors Recover from Injuries Faster

3 Proven Ways to help Seniors Recover from Injuries Faster

Have you ever noticed how your scars and bruises take a long while to heal now that you are forty? Have you observed how your senior loved ones are susceptible to falling and accidents even if they are just doing their usual activities? Although there are no scientific studies claiming the relationship between age and injuries, we cannot help but notice their close connection.

With our rehabilitation services in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, the Pioneer Trace Healthcare & Rehabilitation aims to provide easy and painless recovery for seniors. However, we can only achieve this through a joint effort from you and from our therapists. Our rehabilitation programs are designed to fit the needs of your senior loved ones.

Here are three ways to help seniors recover from injuries faster:

  • Slow and regular physical activity

    When you are dealing with patients who are trying to get back on their feet after a bad fall, then the best way to treat it, is by engaging them in active physical tasks. If there is a problem with their feet and their legs, it would be best to try training them to walk again slowly.

    The healing process does not start with being inactive. When complete bed rest is not necessary, you must try to get up and move even just a little. Training your feet to function normally again will take a while. Hence, we suggest that you make slow but gradual walking so that the muscles can also move.

  • Trust Your Therapist

    In dealing with fractures, accidents, and even surgeries, always get a therapist. The benefit of having a physical therapist is that you can have someone who will help you with your daily activities. They are knowledgeable when it comes to rehabilitation and they know the limitations of your conditions.

    Having a professional therapist beside you can increase your chances of healing faster and you will be back on your feet in no time. It is essential that someone can monitor your progress and your daily living because they can easily spot whether there is a problem in your stitches or you are improving.

  • Do the right exercise

    Another potential danger of recovering on your own is that you do not know what exercises you should follow. It is true that you can search the web to know the suggested workouts for post-stroke recovery. It is also true that you can ask your doctors on the kind of activities you can do to regain your posture. But the question is whether you are doing this the right way or not will always remain unanswered.

    It is essential that you do the right exercise because the muscles you are trying to heal will be closely focused on. You must also take note of the execution of the exercise. This involves muscle activity thus you must be keen on touching only the injured muscle and perform it in such a way that you do not overwork it or strain it.

For more fast recovery tips, you can ask our therapists at Pioneer Trace Healthcare & Rehabilitation, a trusted name in Rehabilitation Services in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. For details, you can check our website at or call us at 606-845-2131.

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