The Essence of Getting Help from A Speech Pathologist

The Essence of Getting Help from A Speech Pathologist

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Whether you are attuned to calling them speech-language pathologist, SLP, or simply speech pathologist, or a speech teacher, these specialists in speech will greatly leave a long lasting impact on the lives of your kids.

In fact, these professionals from Pioneer Trace Healthcare & Rehabilitation are armed with the skills and knowledge to help you in a variety of ways, especially in dealing with the disorders, as well as delays in the articulation, speech, and language of your kid. The best thing about these specialists is that they can work together with you in broad fields and skill areas. These are the different ways having a speech pathologist can be advantageous to you and your kid:

  • Helps develop receptive and expressive language

    First, expressive language refers to the capacity of your child to use symbols and words, whether written or spoken, to initiate conversation and express what they feel. For instance, as simple as waving could mean hello, while a nod indicates positive response. These are gestural symbols which are heavily utilized by the speech teacher because they are easy for children to learn.

    Moreover, Rehabilitation Services in Flemingsburg, Kentucky will assist your child to learn new words, encourage them to use proper semantics so their verbal communication is easily understood. Second, their receptive language skills would be improved because the SLP will enunciate the words in a clear manner which could easily be understood or mimicked by your child.

  • Resolves issues of stuttering

    Stuttering is the most common communication problem that children experience. It is disfluency in expressive communication. Although disfluencies can happen to anyone, stuttering becomes a serious case when it frequently breaks the smooth production of spoken words. The speech teacher will assist your child in controlling the behaviors that makes them stutter so they can improve the fluency in speech.

  • Swallowing issues

    Did you know that these specialists can help solve the swallowing problems of not only your kids, but also of your significant others who have had stroke? The speech and language pathologists have in-depth knowledge in the physiology of the oral cavity, the trachea, and basically all other body parts down the mouth. They can help your loved ones in strengthening the muscles of the mouth, improve tongue movement, coordinate sucking, swallowing, and breathing pattern, as well as help improve mastication.

As a parent, you need to be actively involved in the speech and language therapy programs of your children because you are seen as their source of support. If you are the spouse or a loved one of a person in need of speech therapy, you wield the power to push them further in their speech training so they are always motivated in every session with the speech pathologist.

This means that speech training is not only the sole responsibility of the speech pathologist, but the training involves teamwork in order that speech therapy goals are met.

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